• Egypt Puzzle 2 Game

    Solve the puzzle!Instructions:Use your mouse

  • Arrow Bomb Game

    Description: Explode the bomb by facing two arrows Left click arrow to rotate

  • Gyser Borgen Game

    Description: Solve the big mystery by finding the right keys! Use mouse to interact

  • Pipe Down Game

    Description: Pipe down is a 3D game, you need to build a pipeline that allow the ...

  • Pipsoh Game

    Description: Pipsoh is based on the traditional game of YOT, you will find it fun ...

  • Worm Craft Game

    Description: Worm Craft is like the classic Lemmings game You must guide the worms...

  • Zulu Gems Game

    Description: A bold and entertaining concept, expertly executed with style and flair ...

  • Ofuro Panic Game

    Description: The object of this game is to deliver some wonder-working gas to some strange dragon

  • Ikoncity Trivia Challenge Game

    Description: A quiz game like no other! Are you up to the challenge? Move your cou...

  • Cradle of Rome Game

    The fabulous lands of Caesar open their gates in front of you in this new puzzle ...

  • N3wton Game

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction You must obey Newtons 3rd law or be destroyed in N3wton

  • The Impossible Quiz Game

    It s not impossible, but you might dig for your brains through your ear Give it your best shot and try not to get shot

  • Video Game Quiz Game

    Answer the Questions Best of luck!

  • Darkness 3 Game

    Episode 3 of the terrifying Darkness point-and-click series is finally here!This time you find yourself trapped in a subway train and need to escape

  • Heist 2 Game

    Somehow you made it to hell and now you have to explore all the possible options ...

  • Exmortis 2 Game

    A horror mystery RPG sequel Use your mouse to play this game

  • Rumble Ball Field 4 Game

    Create largest possible chain of breaking bricks and pick up gold to beat the best score Controls:Use Mouse

  • 360 Space Ball Game

    Somehow a ball ended up in space and your job is to help it get to the black ho...

  • TNT Runner Game

    Use the Arrow keys to control the person around the cave in order to find the exi...

  • Fly vs Spiders Game

    Your mission it this awesome mixture of shooting and puzzle game is to shoot down ...

  • Hunga Basic Needs Game

    Use your mouse to play this game Have a fun!

  • Ostrich Underground Game

    Eat the eggs as you extend your neck underground Don t get tangled or get your neck bitten Controls:Use Arrow Keys

  • Pearl Mania Game

    Click on groups of 3 or more similar-colored pearls to make them disappear The mo...

  • Short Path Puzzle Game

    100 levels of finding the shortest path between you and your target Can you finish all 100 levels?

  • Crazy Push Off Game

    Capture the island by pushing all the other creatures into the sea The objective ...

  • Bloc2 Game

    Get the block to the exit point by rolling it around the floating platform Make sure you don t fall off the edge!Controls:Arrow keys